The Vermont Cheese Trail

  • Phyllis Higgerson
  • 01/5/21

Though life during COVID has curtailed travel we still enjoy the armchair variety and one of our favorite digital publications, Conde Nast Traveler, keeps us inspired while we wait for quarantines to be lifted. Though we love visiting distant shores, we equally enjoy exploring our own charming villages, majestic mountain ranges, and facinating historical sites. And while winding our way through northern New England we are forever sampling the local fare. Vermont has long been famous for its cheese and here CNT highlights a few of our favorite purveyors who are shipping until we can visit in person again. Read on...

Vermont’s dairy farmers began making cheese in the 19th century to extend the shelf life of surplus cream. Today, more than 50 cheese makers and a handsome collection of specialty cheese shops comprise the scenic Vermont Cheese Trail, spanning from Jacksonville to Westfield. To sate yourself before you can visit, here are a few Vermont cheese shops that ship their goods straight to your door.


Grafton Village Cheese Company

Founded as the Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company in 1892 to commodify excess milk from dairies, this company continues to represent local family farms and brings business to Vermont’s rural communities. Their extensive selection of flavored and cave-aged cheddars makes it a must-stop for cheddar heads. Try their classic Grafton Smoked Maple Cheddar, which tastes like a New England fall day in a single bite.

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Jasper Hill Farm

Fancy cheese counters around the country carry Jasper Hill cheeses, but seeing the cows happily grazing at the farmstead creamery and touring their network of seven underground caves enhances how you appreciate their products. Try the Harbison for an eye-catching addition to any cheeseboard—the dip-like, bloomy rind cheese is aged in spruce cambium to create a woodsy flavor and rustic aesthetic. Order individual cheeses, a curated collection of several like their three-pack Vermonter, or customize your own personal gift box through their online store.

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Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Founded by Colonel John Coolidge (President Coolidge’s father) in 1890, this creamery specializes in small-batch cheddars made with cows’ milk from the neighboring family farm. Their best-selling cheddars include Original Plymouth and flavored choices, like Black Truffle and Garlic Peppercorn. Looking for an endorsement of their quality? Even Julia Child claimed them as her favorite.Conde 

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